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SC Advance Bill Validator

Featuring enhanced recognition technology, faster note-to-note speed, and improved barcode recognition, the MEI SC Advance offers four cashbox options to ensure best fit. Additional product enhancements can add functionality to this bill acceptor resulting in a tailored solution for your individual gaming, retail, financial service or parking needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Field-proven, reliable technology
  • Many product extensions help to maximize your revenue
  • Lower cost of ownership

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MEI EASITRAX® Soft Count is an integrated software/hardware solution that extends the security and acceptance offered by MEI CASHFLOW® SC and SC Advance into a casino soft count room. Information collected in the bill validator is now easily accessible in a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot performance.

RFID technology connects slot machine asset numbers to a specific cashbox. Casino operators can streamline the cash management process through:

  • A design easily retrofitted to all existing MEI CASHFLOW® systems. Simplified kits have been developed to ensure an easy installation
  • Integrated with existing counter/sorter equipment to maximize efficiencies by minimizing system components
  • Accountability without manual intervention. The ability to track the scheduled drops of all cashboxes provides a fast, efficient source to validate revenue and, as a result, ensures a more accurate collection process

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EA SITRAX Soft Count


Several cashbox sizes can provide the flexibility you need when you require additional capacity between cash drops.

  • SC stores up to 600 notes
  • SCM stores up to 900 notes
  • SCL stores up to 1200 notes
  • SCXL stores up to 2,200 notes

SC Advance is also available without a cashbox for machines that draw even higher note volumes or already have an integrated cashbox.

Casb Box sizes


STS provides operators and equipment manufacturers with the most flexibility and control over games that have been enhanced with SC Advance Note acceptors.  It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with user-friendly software and handheld tools so you can:

  • Reconfigure for new/multiple currency software and configuration data
  • Monitor the performance of your SC Advance field base
  • Collect unit performance and report audit data
  • Supports PPM and PPM Advance

STS is designed for use with minimal training so you can meet your unique support needs quickly and easily


MEI PPM Advance

MEI PPM Advance (portable programming module) gives you complete control of your games, regardless if you are an equipment manufacturer or a major operator. It provides enhanced features that you can configure and control to meet your unique support needs. The next generation, which features a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM Advance a more powerful tool—further lowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products.

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PPM Advance


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  • I-depsys, the Intelligent Deposit System, is the fastest and most accurate note counting drop box in the gaming market. I-depsys is able to count and verify up to 15 notes a second. Learning how to use the I-depsys is quick and easy thanks to its simple design that integrates a two-button system. I-depsys saves Casinos time and energy by minimizing the possibility of human error both on the table and off. Once the cash denomination is placed into I-depsys it counts and verifies for counterfeit currency in seconds. The amount is displayed to the customer on the count display, and after accepted being accepted by customer and croupier, the notes are dropped into the dropbox or Tru-pouch. With I-depsys’ ability to keep a real-time count, Casinos can quickly transport Cash from I-depsys to the count room.

Advanced Gaming Associates is the exclusive North American distributor of I-depsys. To acquire more information about I-depsys contact us at (609) 704-3000 and ask for Tony Tomasello.

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  • SurgeX is the leading manufacturer of premium AC power conditioning products. SurgeX surge protection technology will save your business time and money by stopping power surges that would otherwise be fatal to your property.  Advanced Gaming Associates is a North American distributor for SurgeX. For more information contact AGA at (609) 704-3000.